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    Teaching Kids to Ride

    Recent update. After hanging around for 5 years, I have finally earned the right to get the kids who are really interested in riding. Yesterday I started up my relationship with a 10 yo girl that lives for horses. She was cleaning the feet on the big Warmblood and doing some beautiful...
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    Chinese Food on a Canoe Trip.

    Great idea. A Dutch Oven make a good wok. I really like to cook with ginger, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce and sometimes fish sauce. Then choose some meat and whatever vegetables you have on hand. Add rice and a salad. Yum.
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    Great Canoe Reads

    Just finished "Where Rivers Run" by the McGuffins for about the third time. "The Emerald Mile" is more about dories, but a great book for anyone. "River" by Colin Fletcher is one I go back and read certain chapters. The story of running the Green and Colorado Rivers from their source to...
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    In the canoe...into the water

    We were paddling the John Day River in Oregon in spring flood. We waited for the river to go down for a day and a half. I was paddling some big haystacks with my brother and my Border Collie Chelan. We could sneak some of them, but we started to take on water from the waves splashing in the...
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    Birthday Cake Campfire - Why Not?

    Hi ND. Very creative way to build a fire. We are just getting over fire season. I look forward to some good fires now. 38 degrees last night.
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    Birthday Cake Campfire - Why Not?

    I would rather bake a cake than burn one. For my 65th Birthday on a river in Oregon I made a right side up pineapple cake. Time to make another one.
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    What do you think is the best about backpacking?

    Okay Lisa what say you?
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    Time For Camping

    You got out there. That is what matters. I forget stuff pretty often. No big deal. Make one, Buy one. Do without. This week I was out looking at the one million acre Dixie Fire. Lots of live trees left. Some crown fires, but lots of ground fires. The understory is already in bloom. Not...
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    What do you think is the best about backpacking?

    Freedom to go where you want. Making your life small and portable. Going where others fear to tread. Seeing the critters.
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    No Fish, But Good Catch

    River days are some of the best days. If you are serious about paddling, consider some water shoes instead of sandals. I bought some years ago for hiking the side canyons of Grand Canyon. I wear them whenever I am in a boat, without socks. The water drains out of them. They protect the...
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    What Y'all Think About Floorless Tents?

    Cool. My fan club is up to two. I do like to tell stories. A life outdoors generates some experiences. In two weeks I am doing a one hour lecture on "Forestry and Fire."
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    What Y'all Think About Floorless Tents?

    Nevada is a secret. Don't tell anyone. On this trip I had a cow elk tag for muzzleloader. I had close encounters with several bulls. One was in a big stand of willows. The rut had started and he had no fear of me. I was within 25 feet of him thrashing around in the deep brush. I felt like...
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    What Y'all Think About Floorless Tents?

    Backpacking tents seem to always have a floor. In the last 10 years I mostly have used a tarp. I put down a tent foot print to sleep on. I have been using canvas tents with no floor for over 40 years. If you have a stove, the inside will dry out quickly. In the western mountains, bug are...
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    Great Canoe Reads

    Canoeing is more difficult. Getting in an out of boats is harder. Paddling is harder. There can a lot of stuff to haul around. Thirty mile days seem more out of reach. But going out there is important. We have more lay over days and don't travel. I float with the current more now. We...
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    Happiness = Canoe?

    The secret to a good life, is to figure out what makes you happy and do that. Boats, horses and dogs in the outdoors have always been my favorites and still are.