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    Camping With a Baby

    we car camped with my son at 9 months old. He slept between us. on our queen air mattress- we are both light sleepers so moving and rolling on him has never been an issue. we also had a space heater and his pack and play. we have a 10x16 tent
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    Naked and Afraid

    I dont have the restraint to be on that show, I'd be like, "So babe, come here often?" I think I could handle the pressures of what they go through, and hell it may be fun. I've seen cast away a few times, lol
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    How to identify a COPPERHEAD

    no poisonous snakes here thank god
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    Small Trailer for Camping Gear

    I use a 6x8 trailer, we bought rubbermaid bins and bungee cord the lids so they dont blow off. works great.
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    Good age to start camping

    my boy loves the outdoors. he has been on 3 and 4 day camping trips with us this summer, He JUST turned one.
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    How big is your tent?

    soon to have 13.5 x 9.5 eureka titan. we sleep 3 (one queen air bed and one playpen for my 1 yo son) plus gear and a card table. I dont rough it per se, I want comfort.
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    New guy looking for new tent

    I figured out the tent, Eureka titan.
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    New guy looking for new tent

    Hey everyone, My name is Bill, Im 38 with wife and 6 kids ages 18 to 1. Im from Coon Rapids MN. With intros out of the way, Im having a miserable time trying to find the perfect tent. here is what I want, Its mostly for me the wife and the baby. Cabin style tent- bigger the better as I only...