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    shark during a campout?

    What does shark taste like? The only reason I could see taking it on a camping trip is if it keeps you full longer than than any other type of meat.
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    Woman stops gator attack with a small beretta pistol.

    I've never heard that before, that was great. The moral of the story? Never go walking through the swamp while discussing business with an ex-wife.
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    Camping With a Baby

    Just keep them warm by bundling them up. Remember that the higher the elevation, the colder it will get at night and the thinner the air is. I don't know how well, or bad, babies do in thin air, but I would keep that in mind.
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    Anyone been up on a glacier?

    Why am I thinking of that show "Ice Road Truckers" all of a sudden? i would walk on ice like that with the right boots that have very good traction, but I wouldn't go too far out.
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    Toilet paper for camping

    It does seem kind of obvious. Round toilet paper in a round container. I wouldn't even bother with the slit on the top though, that would be an invitation for bugs to get in.
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    Brevard, NC area

    That was a great read, thank you for that. Trails and mountains like that are on my bucket list. I really miss hiking and your little play by play brought that home. Good stuff.
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    Flying Insects

    I have a semi-enclosed front porch I like to sit in from time to time, but I'm getting eaten alive these days. What's the best repellant I can buy, like those things you sit out that look like fancy incense burners and let off smoke, to keep all those flying insects on the outside of the porch?
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    Bear moving dumpsters

    That's pretty resourceful. He even moved one while walking backwards, so something tells me this wasn't his first time doing this. On a side note, I don't think it's very nice for the restaurant owners to put the break table next to the dumpsters. It has to smell back there if you think about it.
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    Hello From the Pacific Northwest

    I know Oregon has some really choice countryside, but the only thing I saw up close and out of the car when I went there a few years ago was the ocean. I had to pick someone up in Seaside Oregen. Welcome aboard!
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    My daughter's first camping trip

    Labeling is a good idea, a lot parents do that these days. I've always rolled my clothes instead of just folding when I go camping. It's a space saving idea I picked in the Army.
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    Pre-Season Game

    I'm bummed. I wasn't able to catch the pre-season game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins. Does anyone know who won? I know it's still pre-season, but still, it's football.
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    Status of the search for lost hiker

    I haven't found any either. The latest news was from 3 days ago and all they said was that the search was being narrowed down. I hope they find him in a good way.
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    Restoring old cast-iron cookware?

    This is why I like cast iron, it's built to last. It may not look all streamlined and modern, but it's the most functional type of cookware on the market.
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    Battery Powered v Solar Powered Gear

    The only camping gear I take that needs batteries is a radio. I think that's a pretty important piece of equipment to keep up to date with the weather, especially if you're out for a week or so.
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    Eight-ton orca leaps 15ft into the air to finally capture dolphin

    Now if only humans would have to work that hard for a meal, we might all be a bit healthier. That is a pretty amazing picture though.
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    Who's Up For The North Pole?

    If you had the chance, you you trek to the north pole just to say you did? I think those would be some pretty awesome bragging rights to say that you hiked to the top of the world.
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    Kids Want To Camp In Living Room

    What makes camping indoors so fun for kids is making their own "tent" and campsite. Get one of those CD's with nature sounds and orange lava lamps, and all of a sudden, you're outside.
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    What's In A Name?

    I checked the news this morning, and the royal couple still hasn't picked out a name for their baby boy. What do you think it's going to be? What do you think it should be?
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    Nature Trip

    Just goes to show that you can have a pleasant experience outdoors, and it doesn't matter where you go. All you have to do is be aware of the nature around you.
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    How did he die...??

    Tell that to that Russian guy. You all can have Chuck Norris, that Russian man is the definition of tough. That had to have hurt though, it had to.