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  1. Louies

    Binoculars recommendation

    I have a pair of Vortex Raptor 10x32 and some leica 8x20's. I use them for timber hunting. I chose these binocular because I have narrow pupils, and so most binoculars do not fit my eyes properly. I was concerned that some users claimed that it did not sit on their face properly, and they had to...
  2. Louies

    Pants do you climb in?

    This type of post could be a repost, and if it is I apologize. But I'm wondering what type of climbing pants people prefer to climb in? Personally I usually wear either basketball shorts or sweatpants, but I feel like I could be missing out on something better. Thanks
  3. Louies


    Thanks guys
  4. Louies


    Hi all..I'm Louies ..Nice to meet you all...