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    feisty squirrels help

    A cook-pot, skinning knife, and a huge quirky grin. Squirrel is good stuff.
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    What Would You Want

    Pathfinder1 said it the best... a good knife. A cutting edge is the basic tool needed to construct many of the other necessary things, yet can be the hardest thing to acquire depending upon the circumstances.
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    Would you eat a snake?

    Snake is not bad. Not great in my book, but a heck of a lot better than some other critters I can name.
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    Vegetarian eaten by animals...??

    I just read that article Grandpa posted, and it mentions the Oklahoma kid at the end of the article. It states at the very end that Dustin Self is still missing.
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    Do you think you would be able to survive on your own?

    The answer is yes. Without the mythos (set of beliefs or assumptions), stigmas, and often complete hogwash which surrounds wilderness survival, it is not rocket science. There is a ton of information a person has to learn by heart, and numerous skills that they have to acquire and practice...
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    Would you be willing to do a survival show?

    Believe it or not, I was contacted by the casting agent for a TV production outlet for that very thing, a wilderness survival show. I thought it was a joke or a spam e-mail until I researched the information and found that it was legit. It probably blew the lady's mind when I politely but...
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    Vegetarian eaten by animals...??

    This is one of those few times that I wish I had been wrong. Thanks for letting us know Grandpa.
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    Woman stops gator attack with a small beretta pistol.

    What gets me is that the preferred caliber for professional alligator hunters is actually a 22 rimfire.
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    Wasp Stings

    Any territorial creature is by nature aggressive. However, I have never heard of the penny trick, and I will have to remember this. Thanks, Cappy!
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    Tornado survival

    You weren't being flippant, and I didn't take it that way. I hope I did not come off as aggressive, as I was being more humorous than anything. Your point about the camping trip is noted, and it was a good thing that the boys had warning. The problem is that it could have gone very...
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    Tornado survival

    CaverGroupie, the only problem with the notion is that it only would be applicable in a non-survival situation. By definition, a survival situation dictates that you are NOT close to, or have the availability of help. Here in the U.S., tornado season starts in the late winter and ends in...
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    Tornado survival

    A cave would work too.
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    Tornado survival

    I live in Kansas, and have seen more twisters than I care to remember, and have been through a couple personally. Think shop vac. In the wilderness, you need to find a ravine, not too shallow, and not too deep. Too big of a ravine and you will drown due to runoff. Too shallow and the twister...
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    Interesting Observation

    Flabbergastingly so. (I don't care if that is a valid word, it's still fun.) :tinysmile_twink_t: ***update: The free giveaways so far after another free day (I had to experiment) topped out at 673... WOW! I bet if I ran another free day I would beat the total record for Surviving in America...
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    Interesting Observation

    By the way, for those curious, the information concerns a serious uptick in the survival interest of people not currently into wilderness survival.
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    Neolithic man had survival kits...!!

    "No roads. Interesting concept. I will remember that the next time I think about the first pioneers in covered wagons." You may be an anthropologist, I don't know, and it doesn't really matter. It would be fine if what you state was actually logical. They were inventive enough to already...
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    Neolithic man had survival kits...!!

    One other thing I find interesting is in the push of discovery, old notions are still being held to. For instance, supposedly the wheel was invented by the Sumerians around 3500 BC. I discovered this tidbit in an article written by an anthropologist. The same article stated an artifact much...
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    Interesting Observation

    Due to my being an Author, I have come across an interesting fact through my work which has bearing upon wilderness survival that I thought you guys might appreciate. I thinks scraping a site for info is in bad taste, and scraping your own is beneath tacky. Therefore I will link to the blog...
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    NatGeo has ANOTHER "Ultimate Survival Alaska" mini-series.

    For someone that doesn't know their stuff, Alaska and many parts of Canada are where they go to die. Even those who know their information have no guarantee of surviving, though at least they have a chance.
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    Neolithic man had survival kits...!!

    It is neat. However, you shouldn't be surprised. What we call wilderness survival was merely everyday life back then. Those guys would look at the best of us like we were survival retards. Our kits are based off of what works. Our knowledge of what works was gleaned by studying supposedly...