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  1. CaverGroupie

    Yearly Rant! Leafblowers

    BigSur, I agree with Pathfinder. If any branches are hanging over on your side, I'm pretty sure you can treat your neighbor to the sound of a chainsaw!
  2. CaverGroupie

    Yearly Rant! Leafblowers

    Skip this one if you want, I just need to get it out so that I don't go across the street and scream at my neighbor. I hate hate hate leaf blowers. The noise they make carries further than even a big lawn mower or a chainsaw. And I don't notice that it takes him less time than raking would.
  3. CaverGroupie

    Weird rock on lovely walk

    Thanks everyone who weighed in. It's so wonderful to have a community of people to ask questions of, and get possible answers! I wanted to bring the rock home, but none of my minions would carry it, and it was too heavy for me to go far with.
  4. CaverGroupie

    This is 1 about #2 ...

    The last fairly off the beaten trail camping we did was an upper campground in Yosemite. The closest "relief station" was a half a mile. We were told to pack it out. We had to catch it, seal it in double plastic, keep it (and other garbage for that matter) in a bear box, and pack it out! Bears...
  5. CaverGroupie

    Wimped out

    I'm glad you wimped first! It's been a tough fall for me, and this back and forth warm-cold thing has just got me chilled and unable to get it out of my bones! I don't want to go out either!
  6. CaverGroupie

    Walking through the leaves

    Susie, What is the secret to the wax paper thing? I remember doing it years ago, but when we tried it last weekend, everything turned white, and the paper didn't stick well. I just put the leaves between wax paper sheets and laid them out on the glass top stove and put foil over the top so...
  7. CaverGroupie

    When was the last time you slept in a canvass tent?

    I can't give away the year, because then you might think I was old or something, but it was before the 70's. It was raining, and our parents had told us NOT to touch the canvas. So of course we had to and I was just mesmerized that the tent kept the rain out everywhere except the little dots...
  8. CaverGroupie

    Weird rock on lovely walk

    Here is a picture of a rock we saw on our Sunday hike in N. AL. It's not a fossil. Lots of the limestone around here looks like it semi-melted in the rain and was left with round holes or stuff like this rock. Anyone out there know anything in particular about them? I also included a couple of...
  9. CaverGroupie

    'Lost world' discovered in remote Australia

    We think we've been everywhere, and explored the earth pretty thoroughly, and then something like this reminds us that it really is a big planet. And remember, only about a fourth of the planet is land! We know less about that other 75% of the earth than we know about the moon!
  10. CaverGroupie

    22 ammo

    My son works in the sporting goods section of a Walmart and he says that .22s never last more than a couple of hours. Apparently there's a Walmart "app" that will tell you when shipments of ammo (or other things, I presume) are going to arrive. He says there are regulars that come every time and...
  11. CaverGroupie

    Is This The Hunting Truck of the Future?

    I thought it was a hoot. Maybe you can live in it, Jason, looks pretty big. And yes, Cappy, that's the best idea I've heard this month. That is EXACTLY the vehicle we need for Black Friday! I bet we could hunt down some great deals in that!
  12. CaverGroupie

    Halloween traditions

    We almost never have any trick or treaters on my street. We're one of those darkish, no sidewalk streets on a hill, and two blocks over there's a perfect, well-lit, flat subdivision with lots of houses participating. But this year, it's been raining all day, so I doubt anyone got much traffic...
  13. CaverGroupie

    How to get over a fear of heights

    It's not about being high up for me. I'm like Pathfinder, it's being exposed, or in danger of falling. As long as I'm "clipped in" to a rope, or in a plane I'm fine. I did not care for the edge of the Grand Canyon.
  14. CaverGroupie

    Safari Alabama

    Snuggles, it's South of Huntsville, in Northern AL. It's not a whole weekend's worth, I hate to say. It was a fun day trip for us. But there is great camping on the Tennessee River at either Ditto Landing, which is very close, or Lake Guntersville, which is sort of close. So if you were close or...
  15. CaverGroupie

    Safari Alabama

    We didn't go way far away on this day trip, but it was an adventure and we had a ton of fun. We went to a drive through wild animal safari park not too far from us. Here are the Pictures
  16. CaverGroupie

    Sacramento River Canoe Trip

    I understand your position, ppine. I hate that it's like that, but cavers have to be the same way. They're very cagey about giving out cave locations for two reasons. 1. Some caves (actually a LOT of caves) are dangerous, and you don't want the inexperienced just bebopping into a place because...
  17. CaverGroupie

    BridgeDay without Me

    Oh I never jumped! Those people are crazy! I made controlled rappels down a nice rope. Of course, on the shuttle bus one year, I met a base jumper who thought all those rappellers were crazy going down on that one little thin rope without a parachute. Different kinds of crazy for everybody!
  18. CaverGroupie

    Sacramento River Canoe Trip

    I absolutely love the whole Northern California area. We lived in the city of Sacramento, and enjoyed trips up and down the state, from Eureka to Yosemite. That's been almost 20 years ago, though, so I'm glad to hear there's still beautiful stuff there.
  19. CaverGroupie

    Favorite show?

    Marlowe, I don't care much for the "Britcoms" as a friend calls them, but I have seen few BBC or BBCA shows that I enjoyed. The recent version of Sherlock Holmes, starring Benedict Cumberbatch is available on NetFlix, and we loved it around here. Only six episodes so far, but each one is an hour...
  20. CaverGroupie

    BridgeDay without Me

    I know I made the choice to stay home. And it was the right decision for us, this year. But now all my friends are posting pictures on Facebook from the bridge, and of all the beautiful New River Gorge scenery. And of course, since I'm not there to freeze to death, the weather is gorgeous...