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  1. Roybrew

    Historical Day on the Lake

    Did a little running around, and some fishing, on the local. I use a boat launch named Quarryville Boat Launch, of course named after all the quarries that used to be here. They just weren't gravel quarries, they were pink marble quarries. A half mile from the launch was a house named Marble...
  2. Roybrew

    Canoe thoughts...

    Ah here it be. I got my first scratch on it too.
  3. Roybrew

    Canoe thoughts...

    I like the quiet you get from a canoe. Took my new one out last Saturday. The wind so to much, but it looked good. Having trouble posting picture Roy
  4. Roybrew

    What tent style is missing?

    I had no idea there were so many tent styles. I've tried hammocks, there ok but I don't like them as much. Roy
  5. Roybrew

    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    Thank you. It's weighs about 60 pounds. Little bit heavier then I expected. I'm happy with it.
  6. Roybrew

    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    Oh sorry, I've been a little out of it here lately. I rides very well. I hope this video makes it. So it's hanging up waiting on a new adventure Roy
  7. Roybrew

    Encounter with a striped skunk...

    Whew boy! Sure don't want to run into the south end of a north bound polecat.
  8. Roybrew


    I like rechargable things. Batteries get expensive and get end up discarded into landfills, at least most do around here.
  9. Roybrew

    Snow is falling...

    We were hoping to see some snow before we get blasted with hot weather. It's been in the 50's for the past few days, 40's at night. It was in the 70's last weekend. I like the snow. I don't like the cold dreary days. Puts me in a funk.
  10. Roybrew

    Add your Idea ---> Camp Hacks <---

    Hello ND, I have never used a barrel, but they look bulky and had to pack stuff in, and take up more room in the boat. But the idea of keeping stuff dry and secure, is appealing. Roy
  11. Roybrew


    Pretty nifty. Looks small enough to carry in a person's pocket.
  12. Roybrew

    Fire Lighters

    I am one that has used kerosene, oh yes the shame of it. It works very well to. But I need to broaden my horizons and knowledge. I have tried the magnesium flint and steel once. I tried shaving the magnesium off onto a dry leaf, but I would accidentally hit the leaf with my hand and send the...
  13. Roybrew

    Camp Monsters

    Oh he was .... glowing. That was pretty cool looking.
  14. Roybrew

    What Gear Did You Buy?

    I just purchased a new saw . I have a Sven saw, and it does pretty good, but it takes a few minutes to put together. This Lagom folds like a pocket knife. I'll post how it does when I go camping. Roy
  15. Roybrew

    Snow is falling...

    Our snow has melted away. It was pretty while it lasted. The temps here have been creeping up to 60 degrees every day this week. It feels like spring time, but I will not be fooled! If it's going to be cold, let it snow! Roy
  16. Roybrew

    Camp Monsters

    Yes! We have the Wampus Cat here in the Appalachian Mountains. This is the best drawing of one that I've seen yet. They elude having any photo taken, almost magical like. I have heard them creeping around just after dark. I don't worry about Bigfoot.
  17. Roybrew

    Last Week End Paddle

    Sometimes I'll re-read them when I can't get out. The temperature has been creeping up close to 60F degrees here, but been to busy with work to get out. I don't like cold weather or cold water.
  18. Roybrew

    State Hiking programs

    Sorry for the late reply. The small walking stick is Laurel. Someone broke it off a bush and used it, then they left it a trail head. It fit my wife's hand very well and is light and sturdy. People shouldn't destroy the vegetation like that, there is plenty of dead fall laying around.
  19. Roybrew

    Ice Fishing

    We can get one of these fancy ice fishing shanty lodges. Roll the carpet back and fish through a hole in the floor. Needs a nice fireplace.
  20. Roybrew

    Wha..........t? 1906

    I've got the Camping And Woodcraft book by Kephart. It is a facsimile edition published in 1988. It's interesting to read. Roy