Only thing bad about the Badlands, the wind.

Thomas H

SE South Dakota
This was an incredible camp trip. We only counted 5 other campers in the 6 days we were there and there's a lot of room for such micro numbers. The geological sights are fascinating. The Big Horn Sheep are peaceful grazers and the coyotes howled from a long way away. Day 2 gave us a look at 2 escaped convicts or should I say, 2 escaped bison. The park is just a stones throw away and a couple of bison got through the fence and walked around until the rangers gathered them up and herded (can I say herded when there was only 2) back over to park land.

Temps were all over the board. We experienced 14°F temps to 65°F temps, that makes it a pain because of the number of different weights of clothing it was necessary to bring along with us.

Cooking was difficult on the outdoor 2 burner propane stove. Wind gusts up to 55 mph with sustained winds of 25 - 30 mph. That really blows the flame around, even with wind shields. We did most of our cooking inside our Eskimo. There is nothing I enjoy more than rising early in the morning and getting the percolator up and perking, but that had to be done inside the Eskimo as well. Oh well, next time.

We are home now, planning for the next adventure.

Sorry, 25 pictures were too large to post. Well, here's a few that would.