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  1. Roybrew

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I hope everyone has a very joyous season. Roy The Great Outdoors
  2. Roybrew

    Twig Stoves

    Does anyone actually use Twig Stoves? I've considered making one out of a coffee can, but they don't pack very easily. Maybe I can wear it on my head like Johnny Appleseed wore a pan on his. (The Great Outdoors)
  3. Roybrew

    A Walk In The Park. With the Grandson.

    We took a nice hike in the local park with our grandson. He's 14 and as tall as I am. We walked around the lake then hiked up the trail that follows the south side of the park. he wanted to carry the pack.him and Mammaw The fall colors were great. Roy Sent from my motorola edge 5G UW (2021)...
  4. Roybrew

    Lake James NC Here I Come.

    Going to be spending some time on Lake James NC. Boat in to an island campsite, looks like a peninsula but that's ok with me. Going to be nice weather 60s days 30s at night, I be sleeping like a baby. A couple of concerns: I've got this new phone and no dry case to put it in, maybe good ziplock...
  5. Roybrew

    Another Hot September

    We came camping a few days ago. We at a pretty lake at the foot of a mountain where the Appalachian Trail crosses. It was 80+ degrees yesterday and today. The nights drop down to mid 50s at night, that's pretty good sleeping temperature. We paddle early morning till the big party boats start to...
  6. Roybrew

    Pillow adjustment

    I purchased one of those packable Thermorest pillows, a few years back. I never quite warmed up to it. I like my pillow a little flat and this one was a bit big. So I un-fluffed it a bit. I wasn't in the least impressed with what it was stuffed with I should've went into the medical profession...
  7. Roybrew

    A Morning Paddle

    I got home from work yesterday morning, and the woman got a call to go substitute at the high school. So I got the little canoe down, washed all the dirt off, loaded it up and took off. I took my little Polaroid camera for picture taking, so these pictures are on this computer and my typing...
  8. Roybrew

    What Do You Use?

    When you go by water or land, what type of navigational aids do you use? I always take my gps, compass and map when I go. Even on familiar waters, and trails, when I primitive camp, I take those 3 items. I never rely on my cell phone for navigating. Just curious what others use, and of course...
  9. Roybrew

    New River Trail State Park

    This is a refurbished old rail line that stretches 57 miles from Galax to Pulaski Va. with a 5.5 mile spur to Fries Va. We only done about 8 miles of it. We unloaded our bicycles at the Ivanhoe access, and paddled toward Fries. Well we thought we were going to ride to Fries, but we didn't make...
  10. Roybrew

    Local River Paddle

    We took the morning for a leisure paddle on our local river.The train was crossing the bridge just after we put in. I didn't want to paddle under till it had passed. The water was a little stained from heavy rains day before last. We followed the creek out to the main river channel We paddled...
  11. Roybrew

    Devil's Bathtub Virginia

    We joined up with my 2 sisters and brother-in-law for a hike to the Devil's Bathtub in Virginia. Wife and I have thought about going there before, but time and other things get in the way. So when my sister asked if we wanted to go, we couldn't resist. We've had some rain move through the other...
  12. Roybrew

    Time For Camping

    Wife and I are getting ready for relaxing camping trip. Time to get the dust and cobb Webb's off of the canoe amongst other stuff. Been a little busy this year. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  13. Roybrew

    Our 1st Hike This Spring

    We took a short hike in the local park yesterday. Trillium, May Apple, Jewelweed and blue flag Iris were blooming nicely. We've had a pretty good spring weather so the falls were flowing well. The woods are starting to get lush and shadier The overlook. Roy Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
  14. Roybrew

    What Y'all Think About Floorless Tents?

    I was thinking about what PPine said about camping during the shoulder months. It's usually more quiet, less crowded and lot less bugs and [emoji216] snakes and such. But it is colder with unpredictable weather. I attract rain for some reason. I was thinking about a leaky tent, not that I've...
  15. Roybrew

    Congaree National Park or Bust

    Leaving for Columbia SC and then exploring Congaree swamp. We will be stopping at antique stores and staying at hotel instead of camping at the swamp. We didn't know what to expect, so it's sort of an exploration of the area. Rain is expected, of course, just my luck. My canoe going to get wet...
  16. Roybrew

    Loading Up

    Got my camping and fishing stuff loaded. Checked my mental list, and ran out of room in the back of my pickup [emoji848]. The weather looks a little mixed I rolled my socks, under roos and extra Tshirt in with my pants. Oh talk about socks,. I got my wife a couple pairs of very nice Merano wool...
  17. Roybrew

    Canoe Hauling

    I purchased some cross racks for the Subaru Outback that I have, so I can load my canoe on top. I don't like the factory ones that came with it. We were planning to go to South Carolina Congaree or Sparkle berry swamp. Wife prefers the Subaru over my truck. I've always hauled the canoe on my...
  18. Roybrew

    Nice December Weather

    It got up to 60+ degrees yesterday, and we were eager to get the canoe out. Plus I needed to clean the dust and cobwebs off. I leave my canoe sitting on the strong back that I built it on, so all I had to do was roll it out to the trailer. We went to our local lake to put in. This time of year...
  19. Roybrew

    A Few Reviews

    Let's see, I'll start at the beginning. Rip stop nylon, yes you heard me right. I purchased a few yards of this nylon for future projects, not really what I used it for on this trip, but it was an idea [emoji362]. Before we put the rain fly on the tent, we put the nylon over the top to cover...
  20. Roybrew

    Last day.

    Woke up to cold, breezy and fog. It was pretty out waiting for coffee to perk, blip, blip blip, blip blip blip, blip and then if you ain't standing on top of it watching it closely [emoji102], it takes off wide open and sounds like a pressure cooker. Beautiful bright sunny day. Ah ha! Finally...