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  1. jason

    State Hiking programs

    Has anyone looked into their state hiking program? Noticed when we were in Georgia they promoted it at the park we went to. Came home and found Florida does one too. Thought it would be an interesting try. Florida's program is called Trailwalker, with a few other programs if you decide to...
  2. jason

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you all have a great day.
  3. jason

    2 person Cot

    If you ended up getting it let me know how you like it. The wife likes to use a queen blow up for when I take her camping.
  4. jason

    Father's Day Relaxation

    Nice, although that stinks about the birds. I ended up working around the house as they wife and kids didn't get home until about 5pm. Attempted to make some salmon for them as a welcome home dinner and overcooked the salmon. Guess thats what I get for using an oven.
  5. jason

    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    Sorry for not posting for a while. Been pretty busy. Got some exploring done at work of some interesting sites. Been finding a lot of old bottles, possible prohibition era as they say things like Federal Law Forbids Sale. Been working out a lot too trying to get healthy. Also ended up...
  6. jason


    Love those pictures. Thank you for sharing. Wish we had some of those views down here, especially the water falls.
  7. jason

    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    Been crazy here, between work, sick kids and everything else. Doing my best to get some fishing and hiking in. Usually try and get some hiking in at lunch if I can. Gotta loose some of that weight somehow. Almost had a day off to mess around and go the range, instead we got some pigs, so had...
  8. jason

    Add your Idea ---> Camp Hacks <---

    Simple and brilliant. This will work good with the sugar sand we have here. Thanks.
  9. jason

    Waiting Patiently...

    Nice. You design it yourself?
  10. jason

    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    Had a nice cold snap, but back to shorts weather. Trying to get caught up on the outdoor chores but never seems to end. Have to travel at end of the month for CEU's for work. Next month is a trip for sons surgery. Wife wants to head back to Georgia in the spring somehow. Will have to wait...
  11. jason


    Blue Mountain and Kona are good picks. Don't get them very often however. Sorry to hear you may not get anymore. Death Wish coffee is one I really like too. The flavor is great, but it is expensive and more caffeine then normal.
  12. jason

    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    Well none of the snow you all had made it down here. High 20's to low 30's. Wasn't even cold enough long enough for our chickens water to freeze. But it was a nice change for us. Glad to see everyone made it out ok, heard some horror stories from friends up north. Love to hear about...
  13. jason

    Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. I wish everyone a great weekend and an even better new year.
  14. jason

    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    After a few changes we finally got to do a little camping. Got to test the new tent out, 12 person this time. We had room for all five of us, plus storage which was nice. Although the wife is now talking about our own tent as the kids get older. Tent was easy to setup also. Nothing super...
  15. jason

    Happy Thanksgiving

    A very belated Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hope everyone had a great day.
  16. jason

    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    So we just got back from a week in Sautee Nacoochee, GA at a cabin we borrowed. Made a stop at Carrol's Sausage on the way as we were told it is a must. Nice selection of different sausages and some really good bacon. Didn't really try anything else. Did some hiking around the area...
  17. jason

    Birthday Cake Campfire - Why Not?

    I'm near Tampa, so we got lucky it kept going south, although not lucky for those down there. Had wind for a long time, not much rain, about an inch or two the whole storm.
  18. jason

    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    Mmmmm..... Pork chops. Thats what we had Friday night. Glad to see you were able to get it in and working.
  19. jason

    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    Yeah, lots of wind, a little rain. Wife's Aunt is down in Venice, who made out pretty good. Manufactured home, and guess a pipe or something went through the siding, but otherwise house is fine. She was in SC for it, so she got the storm up there. Hopefully the last storm for the year.
  20. jason

    The Shoot The Bull Thread

    That work is absolutely stunning.