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    What is the best initial hunting gun?

    Hunting big game and small game at night is poaching, in Pennsylvania. I do not know of anyplace where it is legal and it damn sure ain't sportsman like.
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    Hello there

    welcome, lots of good info here from lots of good people.
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    What are your top 5 best outdoor states? :D

    I don't know how they arrived at their respective scores. In my opinion I believe every state has its good and bad points. With that in mind, where ever you are, if you are outdoors and having a good time, then you are in the Number 1 outdoor state at that time.
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    Trivia 2/20/18

    I really do not know but if Grandpa says Jackson Hole then that's what I'm going with too.
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    Trivia 1/9/18

    45 sounds to be about right. 70 seems a bit long and 20 doesn't seem like it would be long enough.
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    Welcome to OBC. Lots of good people here. Enjoy
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    Glad to hear from you. Lots of good folks here
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    RickyB. from Stafford, 10 years outdoors man

    Hi Ricky. Good to have you
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    Merry Christmas

    ditto my friend./
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    Trivia 12/19/17

    I think not but I really do not know
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    I haven't had the chance to be here very much this past year but I need to take the time to wish everyone on OBC , a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope 2018 will bring you all the bast.
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    Trivia 4/25/17

    probably 1 lb although where I work they are more like 1 1/3 lbs
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    Trivia 4/19/17

    20 years
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    Pallet Wacking

    nice pile of wood cappy
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    Trivia 4/4/17

    2 inches
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    Trivia 3/28/17

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    A new invasion

    Probably a Pacu. They are from South America and look very much like a piranha, but the are vegetarians and get much bigger than the piranha's do.
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    Farewell to the best four footed friend e guy could ever have.

    I thank you for your for your kind words. It is nice to know that some one who I have never met cares enough to sent me his kind words at a time that humbles me as much as I have been at this time.
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    Farewell to the best four footed friend e guy could ever have.

    Yes sir I think any lover of gods creatures will have similar experiences and stories to tell. They are our life's stories and they are what makes each of us who we are. Thank you for your kind words
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    Farewell to the best four footed friend e guy could ever have.

    Thank you for your condolences. They truly become part of our family and we spent so much time with them that I think we don't always realize how much until they are gone. I hope the lord will bring another to you, not to replace Tank, but to fill the void I'm sure you are feeling with out him.