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    Want to relax and enjoy your mind?

    I think nature in a rural setting is best. It offers so many opportunities. It's a lot better than parks in my opinion. You can hunt, camp, hike, ride, etc. It is easy to unplug and detach from the daily grind. There are a lot of areas with BLM land and/or national forest. Also there are tons of...
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    What is the best initial hunting gun?

    If you just starting out on and don't want to spend a ton of money, .270 caliber made by someone like Remington or Winchester are pretty solid for starting. Of course there are better guns but they cost a lot more. Also if you looking for a shotgun 1187 or 870 Remington are decent for the money...
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    How To Report A Geographical Field Trip?

    Hi Nabil, not sure if you are still working on this. You are probably done with it, but you can talk about your measurement you took while in the field vs the normal conditions in the area. You can use a lot of online tools to help you. Not sure what part of the world you are in, but FEMA maps...