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I was thinking [on occasion I do that] about your experiences that we are unaware of. Can I put a thought into your head? Why not communicate with Jason and do a series of articles on your experiences and knowledge? I for one would be studiously reading them. Just sayin...
thanks. Because nobody really cares about my experiences except you and me.
Northern Dancer
Northern Dancer
Ya just never know.
Seems we have been invaded by the Russian again.
Yes, busy feller.
I looked up Mulan. Evidently, it's a controversial Disney movie with strong ties to China and has officials upset.
Our buddy "Segsregi" seems to be playing on the site - he may be legit, but I don't think sol.
Thank's for the great support Grandpa; coming from a person like you is really meaningful and an honour. On another subject, I spent this morning in our emergency room of the hospital. I remembered swallowing a gulp of lake water unintentionally and apparently I ingested a "bug" of some sort. Man, I tell you I was sicker than a dog - if that's possible.
Sorry to hear that Dancer. I've drank a lot of unfiltered water but I've managed to get away with it. It's only the last 20 or so years I've even bothered with a filter.

Yes, this a great site. Good people here. You make great contributions to it. We just returned from a week long camping road trip with 3 other couples. Alas, i was do busy admiring the beautiful scenery, i didn't take many pictures.
Well, well, well, well, what do we have here? Not only does the man share his wit and wisdom - he now shares his age. I hope you have a very pleasant day "Grandpa". I like to tell the wise ones - "Skip the birthday party and just take the cake and cash". :Smile2:

Welcome, Mountianeer - thanks for your comments. Glad to see you online.
Northern Dancer
Northern Dancer
So...what's Mountaineer up to these days with the present circumstance we are facing? I think I mentioned in an earlier post that the camping scene has dried up. I have been out since the decision to close down at the beginning of March. I do have the whole of August booked and I'm sure banking on it.
I hope you have a fabulous day! I tend to avoid birthday parties BUT I always take the cake and cash especially chocolate cake. :rolleyes:
Really sorry to hear about your situation Roybrew; I wish I could be of help to you and the family.
It's happening here too and our government has allocated billions in compensation packages, deferred tax returns, and taxes, mortgage payments and made unemployment benefits more readily available and job protection plans. But all said and done - people are beginning to hurt.
Hi Jason:

I noted your comments in the thread and some of the circumstances you are facing of recent date. Sounds a bit tough, rough and frustrating, to say the least. You also mentioned church. For what benefit it might be, I'll think of you and your family in prayer at 7:26 AM every morning for the next little while. Brother Mark, O.S.A. Diocese of Huron
Hi Grandpa - it's a quiet night in my neck of the woods. No doubt we are all tired out with the eating and drinking and festivities that encompassed our lives these last few weeks. Just thought I'd say hi. I'm glad to be back and not sure why I had left the scene. This is a great site, isn't it? Lots of interesting topics and ideas to explore. Any way - trust you and your family are well.
Always glad to see guys our age signing up - we have the time, the commitment and most often the cash to pursue the outdoor life.
Thank's Grandpa - happy to see you are still very much active and involved with the site. It's a good one, isn't it?
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Welcome back Northern Dancer. You need to drop in more often and share your stories.
Here's a dumb question on my part - why are some of the fires ablaze and some smoldering on the forum icons?