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Well, well, well, well, what do we have here? Not only does the man share his wit and wisdom - he now shares his age. I hope you have a very pleasant day "Grandpa". I like to tell the wise ones - "Skip the birthday party and just take the cake and cash". :Smile2:

Welcome, Mountianeer - thanks for your comments. Glad to see you online.
Northern Dancer
Northern Dancer
So...what's Mountaineer up to these days with the present circumstance we are facing? I think I mentioned in an earlier post that the camping scene has dried up. I have been out since the decision to close down at the beginning of March. I do have the whole of August booked and I'm sure banking on it.
I hope you have a fabulous day! I tend to avoid birthday parties BUT I always take the cake and cash especially chocolate cake. :rolleyes: