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"How ya doin'?" You know, if it wasn't for Pine and you things would be mighty dull around here. It's such a great site and it would be greater if the membership would contribute. Anyway, I enjoy your stuff. Best wishes for a New Year. I Used the soda bottle in a skite I did at work. I filled it with coloured water to make it look real. :Smile2:
Check received. I feel bad for dragging you down the road for a ridiculous expensive postage for a soda bottle. I hope your doing well.
My sincerest apologies; I don't know where the time went. Thank you so very much for my new trophy. Coming your way next week is a draft to cover the postage. Thanks again Roybrew - I appreciate your kind gesture. Trust all is well in your camp.
Oh you didn't have to do that. Glad you got it.
I think one single empty bottle would be enough. I don't know if you would be able to send a case of four full ones.