Terms and rules

FREE SPEECH This is a constitutional right afforded to citizens of most countries in the world and while you are free to say what you want, you may NOT do so where you want . Outdoor Base Camp is a privately owned forum, funded with private funds, legal advertising and donations from users that go toward paying for bandwidth, software licenses and servers. As a privately owned and financed forum we are not subject to "Freedom of Speech" legislation. With that said, we will allow "free speech" insofar as that free speech does not contravene our forum rules. The rules of the forum are in place to protect the forum and the environment where all our members interact.

While our rules cover the majority of incidents that may occur, we cannot anticipate all circumstances, and as such, the Administrators of Outdoor Base Camp reserve the right to adjudicate, and take ANY actions we deem appropriate, in any circumstances. This is to ensure that the forum is not disrupted or brought into disrepute, either willfully, or by association with a member. An Administrator's decision in any matter referred to him/her is final. We further reserve the right to take any of the following actions, either ourselves, or by other staff members who are empowered to do so i.e. Forum Managers or Moderators:
* To remove or modify offensive posts without notice.
* To restrict the permissions of a user, or their ability to access any specified forum.
* To ban anyone who violates the forum rules.
* To delete any thread which is in breach of the rules, without notice.
The Administrators and appointed staff members also reserve the right to share e-mails, personal messages and information from users relating to forum management issues, among themselves, for the purpose of decision making. If you feel that your issue is too personal to be shared or discussed, please stipulate this fact in your correspondence clearly, and in ALL subsequent correspondence.

You may not have multiple identities
You may not use swear words or any alternative spelling for swear words in a post. This includes using undesirable
• words
• phrases
• usernames
• locations
• place names
• or anything visible in your user profile
You may not make racist, violent, sexual or other inflammatory remarks in a post
Images containing depictions of pornography, racism, violence or those of an adult nature whether educational or not, are forbidden You may not post any material from Outdoor Base Camp at another forum unless you have obtained permission from Outdoor Base Camp's Admin or from the copyright owners You may not post any material at Outdoor Base Camp from another forum without the express permission of that forum's Administrators
You may not misuse VB or HTML code
You may not carry out personal attacks, be rude or insulting to any member of Outdoor Base Camp. This inlcudes in emails and PM's.
You may not troll in any thread
You may not flame in any thread
You may not advertise or spam in any thread
You may not threaten or abuse any member of Outdoor Base Camp

Displaying pornographic, violent, sexist or racist images in any thread.
Starting a discussion thread or promoting pornography, violence, sexism or racism in any form.
Threatening other members or staff in the forum

Should you require a more concise clarification of the forum rules, please read the following paragraphs headed in blue. If you are unsure of anything please feel free to PM an Administrator, Manager,Assistant Manager or Moderator

GENERAL This is a family forum and as such you will notice some of the text in your posts being blanked out by asterisks (*) from time to time. This is as a result of an "auto censor" which censors certain words. Censoring of undesirable words is also carried out by Moderators or other Staff members, but you will see an "edited by" note at the foot of your post, with a reason for the edit, in this case. PLEASE NOTE that using "alternative" spelling for swear words or using undesirable words, phrases, usernames, locations, place names or in fact anything visible in a user profile, is strictly forbidden and will result in action being taken by Staff. The Management of this forum further reserve the right to decide what they deem as inappropriate content in order to preserve a family environment.

All staff members and registered members are subject to the rules and conduct guidelines for Outdoor Base Camp and actions taken for contraventions of the rules will be equally meted out for staff and members alike. PLEASE NOTE the rules are in force within and outside of Outdoor Base Camp, whether association with Outdoor Base Camp is implied or explicit. NO member, whether Staff or otherwise, may bring the name of Outdoor Base Camp into disrepute by his/her actions or by associating Outdoor Base Camp with illegal activities. Contraventions of this nature will result in immediate dismissal from the forum.

All content, unless otherwise protected, is the property of Outdoor Base Camp and may not be disseminated, copied, transmitted, reproduced, or otherwise used except at the discretion of Outdoor Base Camp, its administrators, or its assigned proxies. Any Staff members wishing to use such material outside of Outdoor Base Camp may NOT do so without the written permission of the Administrators or the assigned proxies of Outdoor Base Camp. Any material from another forum that is posted in Outdoor Base Camp for the purpose of assisting users or as tutorials, may not be posted unless the Administrators of Outdoor Base Camp are satisfied that the forum in question has given written permission for such material to be used.

This refers to posting the same question or same replies in multiple areas of the site (also called flooding). Please only post only once. If you feel you have posted in the wrong forum, contact a Moderator or Manager, who will move the post for you. This also includes the creation of multiple new threads on the same or similar topics and sending PM's continuously to one or more Staff members.

Overuse or misuse of HTML or VB codes could be seen as an offense at a Moderator's discretion. This includes, but is not restricted to particularly annoying large, flashing, or otherwise unnecessary overuse of such special features.

Outdoor Base Camp is a family orientated site. We do not allow "adult" language. We have a forum where users may vent their anger but this does still not cater for bad or inappropriate language usage.

While debate and discussion is acceptable; personal attacks, rudeness to, or posts insulting other users or Outdoor Base Camp staff members will not be tolerated. This does not only apply to the public areas of Outdoor Base Camp , but also to the content of private messages, email, chat or any other messaging methods utilized by Outdoor Base Camp or its members. Responding to personal attacks with further abuse is inflammatory and unnecessary and will also result in disciplinary action against you, in addition to any action against the perpetrators of such attacks.

This includes threats of bodily harm or other violent statements as well as any type of personal harassment from a user, whether by email, in PM, on the forum or, by means of any other messaging methods utilized by Outdoor Base Camp or its members.

TROLLING If you are found causing trouble on the forums or generally harassing users, you will be considered a troll. The definitions of this type of behavior are many and are by no means exhaustive. You can, however, get a very good description by visiting this site to see this author's point of view on the definition of a Troll.
Trolling by Outdoor Base Camp's definition could be any of, but is not restricted to the following:

* Flooding the board with comments arising from a single point of view in every reply.
* Intentionally posting something that contravenes our forum rules.
* Deliberately posting comments designed to start a "flame war" or to cause difficulty for the moderators.
* Posting continuous snide or personal comments about other users.
* Posting continuous or unwarranted criticism of Mods and their moderating decisions.
* Behavior which is continually disruptive to the general membership of the forum.

Flaming is expressly forbidden in Outdoor Base Camp. It serves no other purpose but to show disrespect to other users and to the forum environment. If you don't agree with what someone has posted, that is your right - that is what a discussion forum is all about. DO NOT, however, turn the thread into your personal soapbox and let situations spiral into a "bar room brawl". The cardinal rule is "attack the post , not the poster". Always treat people with the same level of respect which you yourself would expect in return.

The definitions of spamming are endless but the most common appears to be "to indiscriminately send unsolicited, unwanted, irrelevant, or inappropriate messages, especially commercial advertising in mass quantities". Outdoor Base Campprovides a free service to users who need assistance and as such it is forbidden to advertise products, services, or web sites in order to derive personal benefit, either directly or indirectly. You may also NOT place affiliate, live or dead links for purposes of advertising or for any other purpose (other than when assisting a user) in any post or in your signature.

You may not post replies containing commentary, links to, or images of pornography, race-hate or other illegal material on the Internet, in any forum of Outdoor Base Camp. Please note that Outdoor Base Camp is a family forum and as such you may also not post adult content of an educational nature. Remember our younger members do not need to be subjected to this type of material even if it is educational. The aforementioned adult content includes images which are, or may be deemed to be inappropriate i.e. images which depict scenes of a sexual nature (educational or otherwise), images which may be real or contrived or that promote or reflect violence or racism. Admin reserves the right to declare any image inappropriate and may remove the offending image as well as ban the poster, should it be necessary. If you are not sure about a post, please PM a staff member for advice.

You may not register an account for purposes of deceptive behavior or register more than one account in this forum. If you are found doing so, it will be assumed that you have done so for less than savory reasons. There is no need to have more than one account and should you have problems logging in, send a PM, as a guest, to an Administrator, by clicking on the user name, with details of your problem.

The following rules are guidelines for all users of Outdoor Base Camp and also stipulate how one should participate. The Administrators of Outdoor Base Camp reserve the right to alter, remove or add any guideline or rule at their sole discretion. If you have any questions about the rules or guidelines, please Contact Us or a staff member for clarification. Pleading ignorance of our rules, if you transgress, will not be a suitable excuse in mitigation of your actions.
The rules below are categorized for convenience sake but any staff member, at their discretion, can verbally or officially warn someone. If you are officially warned you will receive a PM about the warning and a warning type.
We have indicated the warning types, categories and warning points and validity period for points awarded. When you reach 10 points you will receive a temporary ban. When you have received three temporary bans' you will unfortunately be permanently banned

* Multiple Posting
* Misuse of VB or HTML code

* Inappropriate language
* Crude or rude behavior

* Flaming or harassment
* Multiple user identities

* Trolling
* Threats
* Spamming
* Displaying images of or promoting pornography, violence, sexism or racism

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.

Unfortunately having rules is something we all live by everyday and the rules in Outdoor Base Camp are no different. We strive to make the forum a family place where you can come to relax and not be harrased. We trust that you will enjoy your time in Outdoor Base Camp and look forward to our continued association with you.