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I haven't seen you online for a while - trust all is well in your camp. I want to apologize for my ranking. It was never my intention to supersede your position. Things are quiet on Outdoor Basecamp and it would be great to have more members contributing to the site's success. Anyway, I hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing new posts soon.
"How ya doin'?" You know, if it wasn't for Pine and you things would be mighty dull around here. It's such a great site and it would be greater if the membership would contribute. Anyway, I enjoy your stuff. Best wishes for a New Year. I Used the soda bottle in a skite I did at work. I filled it with coloured water to make it look real. :Smile2:
Check received. I feel bad for dragging you down the road for a ridiculous expensive postage for a soda bottle. I hope your doing well.