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HELLO on this very rainy night and rainy week. The central air conditioner was winterized today and all the summer garden decorations have been put away for another year. So we are now into Harvest Thanksgiving, and soon to follow Halloween. Then...it's so difficult to say - the Christmas Season will be upon us.

Trust all is well my Basecamp Friend.
...like to stop by now and then and say howdy. Trust all is well with you and yours in your neck of the woods.
Hi ND. Fires are troublesome right now. The Caldor Fire is aimed right at Lake Tahoe. The smoke is bad. We are tired of the heat. Covid is coming back. Otherwise we are doing fine and involved in some house remodel. I hope to go camping if we get a break in the smoke. Hope you are well.
Northern Dancer
Northern Dancer
Thanks, I'm doing well and getting out as much as I can too. Strange things are happening in the lands and it makes one nervous. Glad you are doing well.
...just stopping by to say "howdy" - hoping you and yours are all doing fine in your neck of the woods.
Doing fine here. We've had some great outings this summer and still have some more to go. The backpacks have stayed in the closet but we've driven into a lot of remote places.

I've enjoyed the pics from the canoe trips. Our water outings have been either Sons big inboard or just paddling around the little lakes in the kayaks.

Keep up with your trip reports. We really enjoy your posts.
Northern Dancer
Northern Dancer
Thank you and you do the same; you are the backbone of this site and what you do is always appreciated too.