Pillow Talk

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With all the peculiar happenings around the world today I hope you are safe and sound.

I "remember when" I would instruct serious campers to fold their clothes neatly and place them in a pillowcase to use as a pillow. I even suggested once that they cover a flat rock with a towel and use it as a pillow. [It actually works - sort of like a Takamakura.] I would actually instruct Cubs to bring a "Teddy Bear" and use it as a pillow. This suggestion was enthusiastically received. I advanced to a regular pillow filled with cotton or feathers. Then I managed to half the size of a pillow to save space and so on.

Then I graduated with a small blow-up pillow. I didn't like the rubbery surface because it was uncomfortable and seemed too slippery and noisy. While then I got a flannel camp pillow and that seemed to be okay. Then I got around to purchasing a Woods Memory Foam Pillow. Big enough for my head and small enough to fit comfortably in my sleeping bag. I like it because it stops my ear from getting sweaty and it certainly is quiet.

Every major [and not so major] company now produces pillows with a wide range of prices and materials. It all comes down to what's comfortable for your head.

You will be happy to learn that I now have three pillows in my inventory and
have past the others I purchased along to people who wanted them.

So...what kind of pillow are you using these days? Please share with the community the reason you selected the one you picked.

Oh...I didn't talk about pillowcases.


I don't endorse any product. Do your research, read non-company reviews, and buy on sale.



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It's legal here in the state of Tennessee. Called the "Road kill law". Yum tenderized and softened up real good after laying on the hot black asphalt for a few hours.

I remember one day my wife told me she tried to hit a wild turkey with the car. We didn't have much and couldn't afford a turkey for thanksgiving. She was pregnant with our 2nd daughter, and she was coming back from a doctor's appointment. She said this turkey just wandered out in the road, and she couldn't resist. It was to fast and got away.