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  • Did you go to charleston and the shore or did you go backpacking? I went on a backpacking trip with canoe support. We were 6 days in the woods but just backpacked in and out with some day hikes. A cpl guys came across in a canoe and brought some luxury items that included steak and potatoes. You can see a trip report at backpacker in the midatlantic section. Hope you are healed up and ready to go. Got any trips planned? I'm not sure yet what I will be doing.
    That ENO pad holder looks nice. Are you getting one? Do you have a hammock yet? Some folks sleep with their dogs in the hammock with them. How are you doing? Healing ok?
    Hey, I went on a scout Campout with the flexbow thought you may learn from my mistake. I folded it up as I thought was instructed but didn't fold it over and ended up rolling one of the little metal pegs on some canvas and punctured it through three layers. A local awning company fixed the holes and I hope the hold well. Kodiak said a "glue patch" doesn't void the warranty. Anyway I had packed it away 2-3 times before properly and didn't follow the instructions the time it happened. My fault. I made a little padded pocket surrounded by duct tape to tie on those metal prongs when storing just in case from now on. Any trouble you have had with tear or puncture? FYI I bought a springbar door mat and awning screen to try in a SC lake Campout this month. Hope it helps the bugs.
    Follow their instructions about the bears and you will be fine. The only time I ever see a bear is when I solo. They really do prefer to avoid people and a single doesn't make enough noise.

    Where are you flying into? Is someone meeting you?

    I'll keep you posted on my next years plans and maybe you can see some of Idaho. Be sure to post pics of your Absorka trip.
    LOL...definitely didn't give enough information did I?! I'm planning on flying, boarding the dog, will not go to PG unless I fly out of Denver and will be close to Dubois as my first trip is with John Betts from the Absaroka Ranch. I wouldn't venture into bear country out west without a death grip on bearspray and an expert outdoorsman nearby. His family owns the business and I jumped at the chance to join the group and meet a few folks from backpacker forum.

    I am open to anything that gets me into country with mountain lakes and vistas like you post in your albums, however Idaho will have to wait until next year. If I don't hook up with a group to bp I'll rent a car and do a road trip in Wyoming. It's a win-win either way I figure!
    Sounds like a great vacation Judy. I hope your Absorka friends are experienced with bears. That is prime Griz country. Are you driving? Are you taking your dog? And what is your Absorka exit point? And are you talking scenic driving or backpacking or some of both?

    Are you going home via Pickle Gulch? Just trying to get a handle on just what you want to see and do and how much time you have to do it. Answer those questions and I will have a better idea of what to suggest.
    Hey there -for some reason, I just saw this message! I can't think of any ladies in the Smokies off hand, but if I do I will let you know. Where and when is your big Western trip?
    I see you have a 10 x 10 Kodiak Flex-bow. I just got one for me and my 6 year old to camp. Just getting started with camping/scouts with him. Any tips with this tent would be appreaciated. See you are in the south, most posts and reviews were from out west. I live in SC, was wondering how it handles heat and humidity? With windows down ok? -- FYI I lived in Durham for 2 years, went to NCSSM, and then UNC.
    Thanks. I tried to post a brand new trip report, but the way the forum is set up won't allow it. It has an embedded link to my photos. I guess the webmaster is afraid I'll post porn. Who knows. Maybe I won't be posting anything after all. :) DK
    I didn't see a side trip into tibet on this guide service but others do have them. It would be awesome to go into Lhasa for a day or two. Considering the air fare to get to that part of the world, the side trips are miniscule. I would want to cram as much into the trip as I could.
    Too late for this year, it would have to be next at least. Prime time is late Sept, Oct, and early Nov, from what I hear. Not sure when Elyse would be able to go. Our other friends from KY are partially retired and could go anytime IF they decide they want to. I don't think any of our younger bunch could escape that long.
    That's about what I figured and definitely a possibility. I'll have to check with work and see how long I can be away. Three weeks shouldn't be a problem, but I'd need to take more for this journey! :) I would need to head West to get acclimated on the way. How soon do you plan to go?
    Right now, $4000 for a month should be oodles, but prices change both up and down so fast. 1,300 for the trek, 1700-1800 air fair, 900-1000 for tips, extra meals, souveniers, etc. I have seen the airfare go from 900-3600 and back during the 4-5 years I have been watching. But the 900 was during the political era.

    The trek fee is from pick up at airport to drop at airport, 15 nights in the tea houses, 3 nights in hotels, meals and porters to carry the stuff and the shuttles to and from the hike for 12??. Can't remember the exact numbers. We have to buy our own meals on the layover days in Kat and Pokhara. Also, the air fare could be much cheaper giving the 3 +/- days option which would increase days in Katmandu at own expense. But as of last week, $4000 would be plenty. There are also many, many tour operators with different rates. Also, if we went as a group, we would have to decide on options, such as side trips into Tibet, river rafting, etc.
    Judy, you mentioned Inca trail. That is a topic on our table but this one is higher on the list.
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    Check that out
    Airsoft guns are those bb gun-type-things that shoot little plastic pellets. Some of them are quite elaborate replicas of military weapons. If you go to youtube, there are a whole bunch of videos on the subject (I had to check and see what the heck he was talking about). I'm pretty sure he's a young-un, as I can't imagine an adult getting excited about guns that go pfft, pfft, pfft :tinysmile_fatgrin_t
    Thank you Judy. Keith was just one of those guys that worked hard and played hard. A successful farmer, rancher who always had time to haul boyscouts into the wilderness, national ski patrolman, scuba diver, taught ballroom dancing in his own studio, WWII navy vet, etc. etc. To see a man like that go down to the point of totally incapacitated and still live was heartbreaking. He has been in hospice care for nearly a year so we all felt it was a blessing for him that he finally could escape. He was 89. If I see myself headed down that road, it will be time for one last backpacking trip with peanut butter smeared on my pack and heading for grizzly country. (just joking on that part. Grandma keeps the peanut butter under lock and key.)
    He's a lot better now if you believe in life after death. It has been a long two years for him and his family but he finally found his relief. He was close to 90 years old and lived a very active life.
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