Northern Dancer

It can be outlandish, silly, informative, exciting, true experience, or whatever.
But always in good taste.
You just add to it as your creative juices feed.

We start by painting the scene.

:canoe: :canoe: :canoe:

Tim River is known as one of the best Algonquin canoe routes for Moose spotting. It’s not uncommon to see several moose on a single trip! What's peculiar about it is the fact that it has no moving water. It can be a leisurely and pleasant trip if you are just wanting to relax. The river is known to be punctuated with beaver dams that require liftovers which can be annoying, tedious, and slow you down.

The route begins at Tim River Access Point, located on the west side of the park. From there, you paddle east toward Longbow Lake, making just two portages and paddling about 10 miles each way. We decided to do it in four days and give ourselves an extra day at a base camp to hang out and relax.

We begin...

It was an exceptionally gray day. It had that foreboding look. We had the feeling that at any moment the skies would open up and we would be deluged with copious amounts of water. I could picture ourselves stranded on the top of some gigantic beaver dam amidst thunder and lightning. I could sense that the mighty Moose would gather to laugh at this human spectacle. The Beaver wouldn't be slapping its tail on the water to single danger, like all the other creatures that inhabited the river they would assemble to watch the show.
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