Eskimo is more than a fishing hut!

Thomas H

SE South Dakota
This is our third year using the Eskimo FatFish ice fishing house. But we don't ice fish, we don't fish at all.

This is a bomb proof, insulated shelter.

We use it for a place to go to get out of the wind and cold.

We use a Buddy heater for warmth inside and this has made things much easier for my wife and our dog. At least it seems easier to talk my wife into going camping during inclement winter weather.

We can get 2 chairs, one table, heater, toilet, dog bed and 2 small tables for next to out chairs inside. We still have room to get around inside.

The 4 corner stake outs are nice and the 4 wall stake outs really are what make this shelter solid.

Packing is easy and set up even easier.

This has been a big improvement over the Clam we use to use (Clam was being used were it wasn't intended to be used). It is extremely visible and almost loud in color, but, if you
don't mind then we don't.

Sorry 8 out of the intended 10 photos won't post, too large I guess. Maybe there is a way to down size them some how?