Has anyone here ever owned a Buff (www.buffwear.com)

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's what they are. The buff is a microfiber fabric that's in the shape of a tube roughly the diameter of a pant leg and about 18 inches long. It's extremely soft and flexible.

It can be worn in numerous ways (sweatband, beanie, face mask, dew rag, etc.)

When I first heard about them, I thought it was more like a novelty item or something for the city slickers who occasionally go for a hike and pretend to be outdoorsy. Then I purchased one and now it goes everywhere with me.

On canoeing trips, I dunk it in the water and then wear it like a dew rag. It keeps the sun off my head but also keeps me cool. For yard work, I use it like a face mask and keep the dust out of my lungs. It's great for cleaning off sun glasses and for wiping away sweat.

Anyway, this is one of those items where you never know how often it'll come in handy until you own one and find yourself using it all the time.