Cheap Winter Camp Pants?

Northern Dancer

I wanted to replace my snow pants.
Seemingly a simple enough task that one could accomplish by visiting one store, right?
So I went shopping to see what a popular supplier in this neck of the woods had to offer.
I'll be sleeping in a tent come February and though winter can be cold it still isn't at the Arctic level.
I wasn't interested in the bib style and I don't want du-dads and being stylish is of no interest.
All I wanted was a simple pair of pants that were going to keep me warm in frigid conditions.
"These look good", I thought, as I carefully checked the loaded rack.
What the "H-E- double hockey sticks?"
"Can I help you?" said the smiling young sales clerk.
"No thanks", I said, with a forced smile, "just looking at the price tags today."
I was out of there like a hound dog chasing a dead squirrel.
So I headed over to a local discount store.
There it was, just waiting for me.
I checked it out, read the labels carefully, felt the material, and sighed when I looked at the price tag.
They are waterproof, poly-filled lined, have snow skirts in the legs to prevent snow from coming up, and are cold-rated to 5 degrees.
Yep, exactly what I wanted.
This demands a celebration of a sort, I thought.
So I went next store to a Coffee Culture restaurant and treated myself to the lunch special.



Minden, NV
We used to wear wool pants, sometimes Army surplus.
Wintergreen has some really good winter wear.
I like their loose nylon pants for over long johns and even an extra pair of fleece pants.