GIANT Hogweed...

Northern Dancer

Apparently, concerns have been raised again about the GIANT HOGWEED or sometimes called Giant Cow Parsnip.

So why the concern?

While it may be pleasant to look at, this plant could cause severe pain from just the slightest touch. Coming into contact with the clear watery sap of Giant hogweed can result in severe dermatitis within 48 hours of exposure. This sap contains toxins that, once exposed to sunlight, can cause painful blisters on the skin that may produce permanent scarring. Cases, where the sap comes in contact with eyes, are reported to cause temporary blindness. Animals, including pets, are also at high risk of Giant hogweed exposure, as well as other invasive plants.

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It is present in many US states including Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington. It continues to grow.

CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL HEALTH CARE UNIT if you should discover the plant. Never cut it down or remove it without professional advice and assistance.