Wiener N..iGtM-->aRe

Northern Dancer

I dreamt I was an Oscar Mayer wiener.
Wrapped in lettuce, with mustard and relish.
In a Dempster's bun.

I woke up in a cold sweat panting a like a panther.
My green blanket lay wrinkled on the floor.
I found myself in the middle of a sleeping pad puffed up on each side.
It was holding me tight and wouldn't let me go.
I felt claustrophobic as I struggled to release myself.
With a burst of energy, I crashed into my yellow carpet.
I looked out the tent door with wide eyes to observe the green foliage on the ground.
I was terrified.

For a long time after the encounter with my psyche,
I avoided wieners, in Dempster's buns, with lettuce, mustard, and relish.

But, I still eat hamburgers, at least, for now. :Smile2:

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