Winter Camp Report

Northern Dancer

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When I learned the temperature on Friday into Saturday morning would be -13 (Fahrenheit) I realized that I wanted a walk-in tent and use a higher cot. So I opted for my Woods A-frame and regular military cot. Not that the A-frame was going to keep me warm but it meant I didn't have to crawl through the snow to get into my shelter. My real protector is my sleep system. My sleeping bag is rated at - 25 with an insert that makes it about -30. Come Saturday afternoon the temperature climbed to +24.8 then came Sunday it was at +37.4 with a threat of rain later in the day. Dunno camp vans but things just don't seem right.

The moon was gorgeous and provided lots of light so I didn't have to use a headlamp and as you can see there was an abundance of snow on the ground. My camp sign reads -


I broke my snow shovel trying to break up crusted snow. I know, I know, I know - never buy cheap equipment. The snowshoes on the other hand worked great with no problem. My new heated vest gave me extra warmth Friday night. My colleague built a snow quinzhee which was a lot warmer than my A-frame. He was okay crawling into it; he's a pro at making these shelters. I was concerned that my smaller sled might not be big enough to transport my equipment - but the two trips weren't a pain. No matter what the camping season a campfire is always a welcomed treat. Still learning about the new camera and hope pictures in the future will be a tad better.

So sorry you were not able to join me. Maybe next time?