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  • Hi, Larry...

    Thanks for the certainly would know about survival...!!

    Also glad to meet another vet. You had some interesting times teaching/training, and living it.

    I, too watch (some) of the survival shows, and essentially feel the same way about them as you do.

    Yes...Special Warfare would be one good way to go in today's Navy.

    I have no delusions about ever having been able to become a SEAL, but I probably would be good on the small boats (RHIBs) that deliver them, back them up if needed, and pick them up when their mission is over.

    The Navy has the largest separation of officers and enlisted of any branch of service. I didn't get along at all with a few of them. In fact, I was the first person my shipmates ever heard of a "lowly" E-3, put an officer on report...!! I wasn't one to take any unwarrented flack...!!

    Good hearing from you again.

    Wow! I was born in 56, but it's great to meet another Vet all the same. I spent 3 of my 11 years teaching at the Jungle Warfare Branch of the Jungle Operations Training Center in Panama. I spent some time conducting training with the SEALS and SWCC. I always thought that if I were to go in the Navy, SWCC is where I'd like to be. I have been out since 91 and miss it dearly every day.

    As much as I enjoy survival related topics, I still enjoy the shows on TV. If you read between the lines and all the edited junk, there is still some good info and not bad entertainment. Even from a comical stand point, you just have to laugh at some of the scenarios they come up with. I am a big "Survivor" fan, even though it's not surviving at all, I like the creativeness of the challenges and of course the eye candy! But over all there's nothing I'd rather be doing than being out in the woods practicing survival skills. Just don't have the time to do it as much as I like.


    Oldsarge here, I noticed by your screen name and some of your comments in the forums, and come to the conclusion that you are most likely a Vet. When were you in. I was active 80-91. Glad to have you here at OBC!
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