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  • Hey Rerfig. Just wanted to drop you a line and say I enjoy your posts. I like what you say and how you say it. I'll say that you are very knowledgeable about backpacking and such but its mostly because I agree with everything you say and I'm very self centered. Haha. Look forward to conversing with you and picking up some tips. Happy trails, bro.
    Friday, July 22 , July 24 I'll be parking at Grayson Highlands State park at the Backpacking parking lot. I could meet you there if your going. Plenty of water along this route and the mileage is very low and easy trails.
    Awesome pics!!! Thanks for sending them my way.

    What dates in July are you going out? If I can arrange it I would like to try to catch up with you again! :) I'm still trying to figure out my own gear and hopefully will have another hike or two in the meantime. I believe the blueberries will be ripe around that time and that there are a few streams for water if memory serves me correctly. Will I get to meet Paula?
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